2020 Can-Am Outlander 6X6 PRO + 450 T Quad Bike

2020 Can-Am Outlander 6X6 PRO + 450 T Quad Bike

Can-Am build heavy-duty 6X6 machines for any type of work. For rough terrain and doing jobs off road, there's nothing like the traction created from the 450 Rotax engine. The Outlander 6X6 PRO + 450 T is another level of off road dominance. 




26.7cm Ground clearance

208cm Wheelbase

279cm Length

118.8cm Width

124cm Height




  • 38hp single-cylinder, liquid cooled Roax 450 engine offers unmatched power and performance
  • Can-Am's 'Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) means that no shifting is required, and is designed to always delivery optimal torque in all conditions & environments. 
  • Extra low 'L'-gear allows for easy pulling in adverse conditions or when pulling trailers.
  • Can-Am's Visco-Lok system is user friendly and automatically locks the front differential system with no buttons or levers needing to be used. Once 6x6 is selected, the system transfers it's power on it's own, in an intelligent manner.
  • Features a 1361kg capacity warn winch
  • Brand new control module has been designed ergonomically, featuring four temperature settings and individual thumb control capability. 
  • Industry leading 750kg towing capacity
  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) gives you all the control you could need, providing easy steering help that will automatically adapt to the vehicles speed.


Click here to download the specification sheet for this machine. For accessories, you can click here to browse the range. Call us on 01608 652653 to order. 


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