2020 Can-Am Outlander MAX XT 650 T Quad Bike

2020 Can-Am Outlander MAX XT 650 T Quad Bike

With performance far beyond it's price, the Can-am Outlander MAX XT 570 T has the capabilities you'd expect from the Canadian powerhouse, with a whole host of accessories to boot. 




27.9cm Ground Clearance

149.9cm Wheelbase

238.8cm Length

121.9cm Width

135cm Height




  • 48hp V-Twin 570 Rotax engine
  • Liquid cooled Rotax engine with responsive torque to haul and efficient all-day fuel economy, it’ll soon become your preferred ride
  • Industry leading 750kg/1650lbs towing capacity
  • Front & rear racks fitted with LinQ attachment points
  • Torsional trailing arm independent (TTI) rear suspension 
  • Features a 1361kg capacity winch which is factory installed
  • Rugged continiously variable transmission (CVT) gives effortless and responsive gear shifting when it's needed.
  • Engine breaking feature when travelling downhill
  • Surrounding Spar Technology welded steel frame
  • The industry’s only independent rear suspension where the rear wheels pivot up and down in a vertical line rather than a more cumbersome butterfly motion. With 22cm of suspension travel, the Outlander handles rough terrain with ease, keeping the rider comfortable
  • Double A-arm front suspension provides better cornering and vehicle-braking capabilities
  • Can-Am Visco-Lok system is incredibly user friendly, with the system transferring power from the slipping front wheel to the opposing one when 4 x 4 is selected
  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
  • ABS Technology gives predictable and consistent responsive capabilities by prevent your wheels locking on any terrain, giving you additional stability
  • CVT inlets, exhaust and the engine's air intake have been placed in optimal positions to allow for the best breathability while navigating adverse conditions such as wet or mud.
  • Additional seat includes handles for optimal support, or can be removed for more cargo capacity.
  • 14 inch cast aluminium wheels offer phenomenal strength when needed.


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