2020 Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000 T Quad Bike

2020 Can-Am Outlander X XC 1000 T Quad Bike

With performance far beyond it's price, the Can-am Outlander 570 PRO has the capabilities you'd expect from the Canadian powerhouse, with a whole host of accessories to boot. 




27.9cm Ground Clearance

129.5cm Wheelbase

218.4cm Length

121.9cm Width

126cm Height




  • 91hp V-Twin 1000 Rotax engine
  • Unrivalled torque the signature roar of the engine makes this monster stand out.
  • New electronic throttle control (iTC) supports three driving modes and offers you the best riding experience
  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) gives the easiest steering assistance and adapts it's responsiveness to the speed that the Outlander 1000 is doing. 
  • Fully revised front & rear suspension, which is Can-Am's most significant update yet take your ride so much further than you could expect. Front arched A-arms, sway arms and revised wheels make for far superior and confident handling capabilities. 
  • Independent rear suspension eliminates scrub and automatically changes to suit the terrain.
  • FOX Podium 1.5 RC2 forks fitted as standard. Race ready performance.
  • 26" 6 Ply ITP Terracross Tyres sit a top 14" Cast-Aluminium Beadlock wheels offer a fantastic ride and grip like no other. 
  • Can-Ams ABS innovation gives amazing responsiveness by prevent wheel lock up on any terrain, and allows for stability when breaking on a smooth surface.
  • Engine breaking feature kicks in when going downhill, on top of the remarkable Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) giving extraordinarily responsive gear shifting when you need it. 
  • Aluminium tapered profile handlebars come fitted with full wrap handguards as standard.
  • Made from 505 H32 aluminium. Strength like no other.
  • Scratch resistant plastics keep this machine looking spectacular.
  • 3 Mode Intelligent Throttle Control is like having a second brain, and is what makes the Outlander X XC 1000 so responsive. 
  • 7.6" inch dashboard display provides every piece of information you could want.


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